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Who we are: Élan Energetics was created from the belief that we are all energetic beings that are supported by frequency, light and sound. Élan means liveliness, enthusiasm and a strong positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with a cause. Our cause and commitment is a new health paradigm through leadership in the energetic wellness industry. It is our mission to bring energetic health modalities to the mainstream through the highest quality and most advanced technology available. Our vision of Élan is a space where you find inspiration, power, possibility and wholeness. It is within each of us built from light. Without existence in time or space, Élan lives in our conversation and our power to create. It is a new world where transformation and vital health are there for all who choose it.
Why light? Before the time of rubber soled shoes and concrete dwellings, we were more connected to our natural environment, specifically light. Because light surrounds us every day, it’s easy to take for granted. Yet, what we perceive as light is actually a form of energy that behaves both as a wave and a stream of particles called photons. Light streams photons to our bodies—tiny packets of energy with a number of beneficial effects such as restoring balance to the system. According to clinical studies, light therapy has been shown to increase energy; stimulate collagen, ATP and nitric oxide; reduce pain and inflammation; and reduce stress. What is light therapy? Light therapy has been shown in over 50 years of independent research worldwide to deliver powerful benefits to living tissues and organisms. Visible red, blue and “invisible” infrared light have been shown to effect at least 24 positive changes at the cellular level. These studies also have shown that light energy causes biologic effects based on the knowledge that specific proteins absorb different wavelengths. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are a form of light energy that is a relatively recent outgrowth from the laser industry. LEDs are similar to lasers inasmuch as they have the same effects but differ in the way that the light energy is delivered. LED disperses light (red, blue or infrared) over a greater surface area; this tends to result in shorter session times for a given area. LED light is a safe, noninvasive way to ‘enlighten’ cells. Who uses LED light therapy? There are volumes of scientific studies available. The following is just a sample list of institutions that have conducted clinical studies on the effectiveness of LED Light Therapy: National Institute of Health - NASA, Dr. Harry T. Whelan Mayo Clinic, Jeffrey Basford, MD - Marshall Space Flight Center Stanford University, Kendric C. Smith - Yale Medical School Harvard Medical School "We are human photocells whose ultimate biological nutrient is light.” -Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD

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